The association

The Italian Association of Pressure Equipment (AIPE) is a non profit organization representing the Italian manufacturers operating in the Pressure Equipment sector and its related industries. Mainly based on research and on the collaboration with national and international Institutes and Universities, AIPE aims to promote the technological, scientific and economic development of its member companies by sharing resources and information. The associated companies, located throughout the national territory, develop a total turnover of about 4 billions € and employ over 12,000 people. About 90% of the production is for export.

Aipe is an association founded with the purpose to face in a fast and effective way the main issues for the Pressure Equipment manufacturers category, not only at local level but following an international point of view. The A.I.P.E. acronym (Associazione Italiana Pressure Equipment) refers indeed to its double purpose, by containing both the Italian character of the association and the English language terms (Pressure Equipment) evoking the worldwide view.

The association model follows three principal lines:

  • Political / institutional: in this area, the Presidency / General management establishes focused periodical meetings to discuss the several business models and to allocate each partner company specific resources towards the most significant opportunities on the market; the new challenges are faced and shared both in the normative aspects and in the customer expectation view.
  • Operational: Aipe offers to its affiliates a valid support from the technical and commercial point of view, by focusing on innovation, competences and training.
  • Informative: particular attention is given to the communication, with the purpose to individuate and spread the most relevant topics of the sector, by submitting them to the members.