Master in Fusion Energy – Science and Engineering

banner_fusionAipe Association is glad to promote to its members an important training research project  with the aim to recruit highly qualified personnel in the industrial production field.

The industrial engineering department of University Roma Tor Vergata activated the second degree Master  on “Fusion for Energy – Science and Engineering”, that will be financed by Italian companies operating in the industrial sectors connected to the nuclear fusion, with grants amounting to about  € 18,000 per year (in two years).

Each scholarship will be assigned with the aim to achieve a training and research program of interest of the participant company. The Master will be thus tailored to the industries’ needs,  with a program which will highlight, in a particular way, the design and production aspects rather than the more theoretical ones, by keeping a wide range of teaching areas related on the fusion technologies. For this reason, most of the research work will be performed at the laboratories and plants of the involved companies.

This approach provides to the company a good opportunity for  training  highly specialized resources in the fusion’s area from the inside, with the significant support of the university.

We invite all the  companies interested to take part in this initiative to send an e-mail by January 15th, 2016 at the address

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