Aipe Award

Launched on 2017, Aipe Award is a yearly recognition for companies, entrepreneurs and important people in the pressure equipment industry, which contribute in a significant way to affirm and consolidate the “made in Italy” image and quality all over the world.


AIPE Award is based on four categories :

Aipe Award for the Career “Piergiorgio Bono”
For over 50 who prestando attività lavorativa per almeno 25 anni in una o più aziende e si siano particolarmente distinti per singoli meriti di: perizia, laboriosità e di buona condotta morale, e che si siano prodigati per istruire e preparare le nuove generazioni nell’attività professionale.

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Aipe Award to Innovation

For companies which have improved the efficiency of tools, machinery and processes with inventions and innovation in the technical and productive field.


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Aipe Award Customer of the year

Assigned to a client company (or person) in the Oil & Gas sector, which is recognized for its reliability, timely payments, assistance and relationship management with the suppliers.

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Aipe Award Supplier of the year

Assigned to the best company (or person) providing products or services which is widely recognized for its delivery consistency, product / service quality, compliance to customer specifications and problem solving.

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The award

The winner of each category will receive a trophy shaped like an helmet, symbol of work and safety, which characterize our companies made with selected materials used in the pressure equipment industry.


Applications submission by June 30, 2019
Winners selection by July 10, 2019
Award ceremony: July,19 2019


Past editions

Winners of the 2019 edition

Winners of the 2018 edition
Winners of the 2017 edition